Residential Design

SRE Design is a Gurgaon based interior design consultancy which is highly specialized in residential interior design services. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from demolition,plaster, painting, timber & stone work to plumbing and carpentry. The company is known for its innovative designs and high-quality work. Your home should be beautifully decorated and comfortable as you spend most of the time here. It should reflect your personality, preferences and attitude only then it becomes home. We are here to turn your home into a haven. With our specialized skills and expertise, we fetch best services and products to beautify your home.

We are flexible to suit the needs of different people and provide customized services. As per the needs and budget of clients we can makeover a home from scratch or enhance the look of a home with available resources. We listen to our customers and deliver what they desire.There are many sections in a home such as Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, dining area, etc. We style every section of your home to your satisfaction. Our team of experts does extensive research and planning to provide a meaningful and attractive look to your home.We arrange everything in the best order as per space and user convenience. Our services ensure that you get a feel of a real home, comfortable and peaceful. We take care of every minor thing while decorating your home, be it appliances, furniture or knobs & pulls. SRE Design takes complete responsibility from the beginning until the end of every project we undertake.We have touched the lives of many people by converting their houses into dream homes. We at SRE India believe in the quality service, customer satisfaction, and integrity and our work reflect these values.