Top 6 Interior Design Trends of Gurgaon That has Gone Way Too Far

The modern home style keeps changing and to get an idea of the current trends, you have to take a look at the home structure in a popular urban city. We want to look at the modern interior design trends of Gurgaon because it is one of the most preferred cities of India, The city is considered an ideal place to work and live. Once an underdeveloped city, Gurgaon has included itself among the list of top cities in the world. As the city fairly represents the modern India so let’s explore the current interior design trends of Gurgaon.

  • Rising Demand of Interior Design in Gurgaon      

The interest for interior design in Gurgaon is growing tremendously. With the more use of hospitality in corporate and business sector, the interior design industry is set on the path of growth. Further, the real estate sector has also contributed towards the success of the industry. The demand of Architects in Gurgaon has increased; they have multiple projects under their belts.

  • Gurgaon is the New Hub of Business

Development of new structures and relocation of companies to Gurgaon set interior designers busy in their work. Since Gurgaon is a business hub having hundreds of Indian and foreign companies, there is always big numbers of designing project in the work. As per the local sources, the Gurgaon market is set to transact over Rs 80 crore this year.

  • Gurgaon is the preferred destination of High Net worth Individuals (HNIs)

Gurgaon has big numbers of High Net Worth individual (HNIs) who own properties and a homes in the city and they require interior design services in Gurgaon to keep their unmovable assets intact. Nitee  Johar, the director of Rinterior says “With the rise in the population of high net worth individuals (HNIs), growing economy and exposure to latest trends have worked to push upward the business graph of interior designing in Gurgaon,” She further adds that the residential areas have more demands of interior decoration than commercial areas.

Keeping in mind the above discussed factors, let us examine the prevalent interior design trends of Gurgaon.

Top 6 Interior Design Trends of Gurgaon That Had Gone Way Too Far

  • Expensive designing

Budget is not a problem for most of the customers and corporate, what all they want is a masterpiece of work. They are ready to spend big bucks to create a mesmerizing environment with beautiful setting and arrangement. The interior budget varies as per the size and needs of the structure. The definition of interior designing has changed in last few years. It is not limited to the basic woodwork and space planning, but a complete overhauling keeping in mind the environmental factors and aesthetical aspects. Designers are keen to infuse energy and positivity using the new technology and modern designing methods. They do cost more but gives you satisfactory results.

  • More Use of Natural Elements

Despite the material wealth, people seek the company of nature for the real comfort and peace. Since owning a large spaced home isn’t possible for most of the people, so the best thing is to create a natural space in your home. You can keep plotted plants, pebbles, organic vegetables and many other natural elements in your balcony or at roof. It will not only change the environment of your home but you will also improve health.

  • Love for Hot colors

People love colors; everyone has a favorite color and logics behind it. People of Gurgaon love hot colors. Rust and blue colors are more prevalent these days and as per experts, blue color will continue to attract people in the future as well. However there are varieties in blue itself, the warmer and moody blue is more popular. Yellow and greens are also used as main or subordinate colors in the homes and offices in Gurgaon.

  • Traditional Touch

Someone has said that the old customs and practices return in the modern world. It is true because we see that many people in Gurgaon have applied several traditional designs and products in their homes and offices. The uses of Old-fashioned bathrooms are the example of the reverse trend. They are not old-fashioned now but have become a prevalent trend. The traditional bathroom, with self-supporting roll-top bath, wallpaper, wood panel or tiles on the wall, and a textile fitted carpet on the floor, is a good model.

  • The New Role of Kitchen

Most of the newly constructed homes have an open kitchen attached with living area. Therefore making a kitchen appear a living space gives more freedom and room to people and it looks good as well. You have to do some changes in the kitchen for this or it will seem that you are sitting in a kitchen. In short your kitchen should look like a living room and not the vice versa. The use of modular kitchen in Gurgaon has done the same thing. It has optimized the kitchen space and design to suit the living area.

  • Use of Bronze & Malachite

Malachite is going to substitute marble in future; it is widely used these days in the place of marble. Malachite is a semi-precious stone generally used in jewelry and to create attractive boxes. Its color is especially more attractive, a rich emerald green with swirling bands of soft and shady tones. It presents an impactful color for interior design that goes on from the strong blue. Similarly, to make a kitchen look more trendy and hygienic, people are using warm metallic. Copper- worktops, though it does not look shiny when gets old, is a good option. Bronze is also used for a trendy and shining look.

The Interior designing industry keeps evolving, what is a popular trend today can become obsolete tomorrow. The people of Gurgaon are among modern and fashion oriented folks. They keep updated with the latest trend and techniques. They want latest wardrobe designs and furniture in their homes. Interior designing companies and professionals always strive to come up with new and innovative designing solutions to satisfy the needs of the people.