Is Capsule Wardrobe Any Good? 8 Ways You Can Be Certain

Did you ever struggle to choose a nice dress for an occasion despite having a large wardrobe full of clothes? You would probably nod in accord. It happens many times that you go out shopping unnecessarily and amass a large collection of clothing that you don’t frequently use. Now your wardrobe is full of clothes that aren’t your favorite, you still like the old gray T-shirt and jeans that you purchased on your birthday. But what about other clothes that you don’t like much. You can pack them off and keep up only those clothes which you like most. You may wonder how to keep up your carefully chosen clothes; Capsule Wardrobe is a good solution for you.

What is Capsule Wardrobe?

Susie Faux, a boutique owner in London coined the term “Capsule Wardrobe” in 1970; however it gained popularity after a decade when a London designer Donna Karan launched “Seven Easy Pieces” collection.

In simple term “Capsule Wardrobe” is a small wardrobe meant to keep fewer clothes that always remain in fashion.  It is used to keep your favorite clothes which you wear often.  You can use it effectively to save yourself from daily hassle. You don’t have to stare at your closet thinking what to wear. A capsule wardrobe saves your time and money yet keeps you happy and satisfied. Do you want to know how? Find it below.

Why Capsule Wardrobe?

  1. It takes less space and money and it is easily manageable
  2. You come out of shopping addiction
  3. It saves your time and money
  4. You get a better idea of what to wear and when
  5. You get rid of all the stress and hassle
  6. You can take care of your clothes effectively
  7. Fewer clothes mean less use of laundry and more time to enjoy
  8. You get out of materialistic attitude and learn to be happy with limited means

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe?

Many people have tried capsule wardrobe and they have succeeded in organizing things in a better way and saved their time and money. They are satisfied with the fewer but preferred options in terms of dressing leading to a boost in confidence and happiness. You can try this out too and customize things in your own way. There are some best practices, but you are free to experiment and discover new trends to suit your needs and style.

  • Pick up your favorite stuff only
  • Get a Customized Capsule Wardrobe made instead of buying a ready made
  • Organize things in their best order
  • Redecorate your capsule wardrobe in every three months
  • Feel free experiment, make mistakes and enhance your style

The concept of a capsule wardrobe is highly customizable and it is beneficial for people of all walks. If you want to simplify your dressing style with save time and money for more important things in your life, a capsule wardrobe is your ultimate choice.